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The photography collection at Brahms-Institut is one of the most important around the world dealing with Johannes Brahms and his surroundings. 626 contemporary photographs, drawings, and paintings are stored in the archive of the Brahms-Institut and are available in various formats on the Internet.

Around 50 of the photographs are pictures of Brahms himself, from the earliest shot from the year 1853 to the last portrait, taken by Maria Fellinger in a private context in 1896. The other photographs, which usually come from the estate of the composer himself, show friends and contemporaries. A number of photographs of unknown persons also make up a part of Johannes Brahms' estate.

The valuable photographs are available digitally in an high resolution of 1200 dpi, which allows for larger than the original reprints to be made and for detailed depictions of individual sections of the pictures. Damage like scratches, tears, or spots reflect the pictures original condition.